About The New Makers Oost

TheNewMakers Oost is a joint venture of WAM&VanDuren Bouwgroep and TheNewMakers. 

TheNewMakers Oost is an important assembly and maintenance partner to roll out the industrialised, circular and personal Uuthuuskes on a large scale in the east of the Netherlands. Both parties behind TheNewMakers Oost are motivated to bring about the much needed changes in the building industry with new concepts and building methods: CO2 neutral, tailor made and fully digitally produced.

What is distinctive about the Uuthuuskes is the combination of Architectural Quality and Affordability. This is possible thanks to our digitally produced building system, with which we realise Customisation with the advantages of Mass Production.

Freek van Zeist, COO TheNewMakers

The New Makers - Based in Rotterdam

TheNewMakers believes that full (digital) integration from design to production is the key to combining the great demand for affordable housing with far-reaching circularity.

Since its founding in 2012, TheNewMakers has been working on integrated, fully bio-based building systems by combining different scale levels and disciplines. From remountable kitchens, modular bathrooms, flexible wall systems and digitally produced facade components to fully bio-based and digitally produced modular wooden structures for homes. 

TheNewMakers focuses on Architectural Design, Product Development and Digital Production. The result is a flat integral building package with all connections, installations, plumbing and facade finishing. Thanks to the precision of our digital production machines and connections developed by TNM, these 2.5D building kits can be easily clicked together, for which we cooperate with local assembly partners who also take care of the service and maintenance of our concepts.

This way we use local assembly teams and our transportation needs remain limited.

TNM's vision for the current building sector

According to TNM, it is high time for disruption in the construction sector! The current construction industry is stuck in traditional concepts and processes. This ‘tradition’ has led to the following problems:

  • According to research by McKinsey, the construction industry is at the level of the 1950s, looking at the gross value added per hour worked. This means that industry is the only one lagging ‘painfully’ behind: it is high time to catch up!

  • The construction industry has a major impact on the total consumption of raw materials on this planet. The construction industry is even responsible for 50% of the waste in landfills: this must and can be changed.

  • The construction industry has proven itself to be inflexible over the years. Building in accordance with a specific demand has resulted in more than tens of millions of square metres of empty property in the Netherlands alone. And this while there is a huge shortage of affordable housing for starters and people looking for a quick fix. A discrepancy that is only exacerbated by the demand-driven nature of this ‘industry’: time for flexible and adaptive solutions!

TheNewMakers sees the combination of the fourth industrial revolution and circular processes as a potential for radical innovation in the sector. Since 2013, TNM has been working on the product development and digital production of circular, industrialised building concepts from this perspective. The portfolio now spans from chair to city. TNM’s built-in packages include adaptable bathrooms (the ComfortCabins), NOWAste kitchens and circular furniture line Fabrikoos. These products can be ideally combined with TNM’s developed timber frame building systems to create integrated housing solutions.

Detachability of components – from shell to finishing – and natural, bio-based materials construction are the primary pillars of these systems. TheNewMakers works with various assembly and upscaling parties to upscale this new form of building: digital and circular. This joining of forces makes it possible to realise measurable impact and thus to lead the transformation to a circular digital construction industry.

We are open to innovation and go for the best possible sustainable partnerships.

Bas Hommelink, Managing Director WAM&VanDuren Construction Group


Integral approach with a focus on sustainable solutions for living, working and recreation.

WAM&VanDuren Bouwgroep is a Winterswijk-based family business which focuses on the development, design, construction and maintenance of property. By applying new techniques and means WAM&VanDuren can create added value for existing and newly built property and its environment.

We want to enable everyone to live, work and relax without a care in the world by reliably, flexibly, openly and innovatively providing customised housing solutions, maintenance and odd jobs for our customers in the Netherlands. By immersing ourselves in the other and the world around us, and by entering into a dialogue in which we challenge partners, we achieve optimum sustainable cooperation with a high-quality and leading result for all parties.

WAM&VanDuren is characterised by combining its services with sustainability and corporate social responsibility in order to meet current standards, whereby quality, people and clients always take centre stage. An integral approach with a focus on sustainable solutions for living, working and life.

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