Customize your

Home Community Development

in 6 simple steps


Section geometry

Choose between a selection of roof pitches to build your desired architecture typology. Skylights can be added in various arrangements for the optimal daylit interiors. 


Uuthuuske Length

Floor area depends on the needs of the residents. The Uuthuuske building system allows for the floor plan to be extended in sections of 1.2m. Build small or build large!


interior spaces

The building system also allows for a range of floor plan layouts. This can be influenced by the site, orientation, and needs of the residents. We are able to make many floor plan variations to build any desired interior layout! 


Facade Materials

We have a range of facade materials to choose from – depending on cost, aesthetic, durability, and climate needs. Talk with our architects to learn about the benefits of each system and see which would bet suit you.


Energy Neutrality

Our sloped roofs are perfect for PV panels! Make your house energy neutral from the start with pre-installed PV panels. 


bathroom and kitchen finishes

Our building system includes a pre-fabricated bathroom and kitchen unit. And here we offer a selection of finishes too. Choose between a variety of materials to design an interior that best suits your home vision.

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