permanent living on flexible land

Sustainable Flexible Affordable HighQuality

Housing on flexible land


The solution for residential housing

With our movable, circular, and affordable Uuthuuskes, we tackle the housing shortage by making use of temporarily available locations.

Uuthuuskes equate to expression and personality. Configure a series of Uuthuuskes, adapted to location, budget, program and its residents.

A product developed by TheNewMakers, with seniors, starters and emergency seekers in mind.

Meets the latest BENG requirements and the permanent building code, but fully movable!

How are they unique ?


These three ingredients have resulted in a wonderful product, with great benefits for Buyers, Residents and the Environment:

truly Circular

Made from natural + waste materials and detachable on 3 levels!


Combine different Uuthuuskes for a temporary community!

Smart Design

100% digitally produced according to TNM principles


From real estate to bulk cargo: Permanent quality on temporary land positions!


Available in 1000+ variants! Configure your roof shape, facade and layout.


Available from € 100k incl. VAT: the solution for the housing shortage!

TNM WINs "SO You think you can build"!

Yes The New Makers can build!

Yes The New Makers can build! That is what the jury of the “So you think you can build” competition decided on Thursday, July 7. The competition was organized by 10 housing corporations, Netwerk Conceptueel Bouwen and AEDES with the question: who will provide the innovation breakthrough that will help us realize 4,000 affordable homes in the short term? The New Makers can do it: Fast, beautiful, affordable and also 100% circular and bio-based.

Uuthuuske Pitch
who are they For ?

small living designed for everyone


In 2030, 2.1 million people over 75 will live in the Netherlands, an increase of 60%. Most elderly people want to continue to live independently. Our Uuthuuskes are on the ground floor and optionally even wheelchair accessible.


Starters on the housing market can only choose from 5% of the housing supply. Uuthuuskes are compact, reasonably priced and can be placed where starters want to live.

Quick Turnarounds

A diverse group of people looking for a home, such as status holders and people in divorce, is quickly looking for affordable housing. Uuthuuskes can be placed temporarily and flexibly, which speeds up realization enormously.

How do they feel inside?

spacious interiors on small footprints

The benefits of small houses don’t have to infringe on the interior spaces. Uuthuuskes provide spacious bedrooms and living areas. With floor to ceiling windows (and the possibility of large skylights too) the interior is filled with light and offers amazing views to the outside. The materials and finishes we use make sure that the open interior is durable, high quality, and customizable! View more interior images on the Gallery page. Read more about the architectural features of the Uuthuuskes on the Features page. 

how are they made ?

strong, lightweight, and a carbon store

Innovative solutions

The New Makers has been perfecting their innovative building technology for almost a decade. We use efficient file to factory processes, technical digital production, and CNC production of bio-based materials, to offer a sustainable, flexible, and affordable system for building. The Uuthuuskes are designed with new, tested methods to provide strong, lightweight, and circular buildings. Read more about the production of the Uuthuuskes on our Production page.

How is it delivered ?

Pre-Fabrication and On-site delivery

The Uuthuuskes are almost completely constructed in our workshops. We run an efficient process in controlled indoor conditions to ensure a high quality outcome. Once ready for on-site installation, we bring the buildings in sections to their location where we add the finishing touches. A quick time on-site means less disturbance for neighbours! A win-win!

How can it be customized ?

Easily configure a customized Uuthuuske online

There are over 1000 variations of possible Uuthuuskes. Select the size, shape, finishing materials, and energy features to build your dream Uuthuuske community. Homes can be configured to the commuinty, developer, and individual inhabitant.