Digital Production

All products developed by TNM are produced digitally. This means that what is modelled and drawn in the computer is made 1-to-1 by the digitally controlled CNC milling machine: File 2 Factory production. Wooden or wood-like panel materials are milled with a precision of 0.1 mm. This precision is used to make integral joints in the board material that allow construction elements to click together like LEGO. The prefabricated production of, for example, floor or bathroom elements is therefore free of failure costs, fast and extremely dimensionally stable. This dimensional stability of the elements ensures that components from traditional construction, such as PUR, frames and plaster, become superfluous.


Both the supporting structure and the finishes consist of natural (biobased) materials. The entire construction is vapour permeable. In this way, the shell acts as a natural buffer to regulate moisture in the home. Adhesives in the wood-based panel materials are non-toxic.


The starting point is that the Uuthuuskes are completely prefabricated, including installation, facade, installations and finishing. The maximum (gross) width of a single beech is 4.5 metres for transport reasons. The Uuthuuskes have an integrated foundation frame at the factory, which is placed on site on circular, remountable screw piles. In this way, when the Uuthuuskes are relocated in the future, the foundations can also be moved. For the flexible infrastructure there are several possibilities that can be worked out site-specifically.


The building system of the Uuthuuskes has been calculated on the basis of all applicable norms concerning the Building Decree for permanent housing construction. Insulation values and EPC are in accordance with the set starting points.


Most of the installation technology of the Uuthuuskes is brought together in a compact smart sanitary core: the ComfortCabin. This prefab bathroom was developed by TNM and is successfully applied in various housing concepts. The ComfortCabin is equipped with an aesthetic anti-slip floor and is completely at floor-level with the rest of the house. A shower channel has been integrated into this floor, making it possible to get in without a threshold. Heating in the Uuthuuskes is provided all-electric by means of infrared radiation panels. For comfort, and to save energy, each room has its own thermostat. Hot water is provided by means of a water heater. In this way, energy is only used for hot water when it is actually needed. A small close-in boiler is placed in the kitchen as a back-up. Extraction takes place through an extraction point in the kitchen and bathroom. This all-electric solution works 1-on-1 with an extension of PV panels and/or a zero-to-meter system including a battery pack.